Buying second-hand phones can massively help the environment, and in this post, we’ll tell you everything about it

Over the past decade, the amount of e-waste has significantly increased, leading to higher amounts of carbon emission, water waste, excessive mining, and more. If we continue down this path, soon there will be irreversible damage to the environment we’ll deeply regret.

The technology industry destroys hundreds of nature areas every year, leading to a change in the weather, animals having to live elsewhere, and more.

In this article, we’ll talk about how buying second-hand phones can help the environment.

Buying Refurbished Phones Contributes To Saving The Environment

The electronic industry’s carbon footprint is increasing its size and damage at a rapid speed, and cell phones are amongst the top items that contribute to enhancing the damage on the planet.
Gathering all the materials needed (producing and shipping them), assembling, packaging, and shipping them all over the world has a massive impact on the environment.
Buying second-hand phones can help reduce the carbon footprint and e-waste produced by capitalism and fast electronic fashion. The refurbished devices market has massively expanded over the years, allowing more and more people to access quality refurbished phones while giving back to the planet.

Investing In Second-Hand Smartphones Can Save Hundreds Of Liters Of Water Per Year

You’d be surprised how much water is wasted when producing new phones. Water that could be saved or used for other humanitarian purposes.
One brand-new phone can use around 90,000 liters of water (24,000 gallons) which equals the amount of water we humans could drink for almost 112 years. The water is mostly used for mining and gathering raw materials for assembling the phone.
Choosing refurbished cell phones over new ones can decrease the amount of water used to about 86%.

Refurbished Cell Phones Prevent Excessive Mining

As we’ve shared above, hundreds of gallons of water are used for mining, and buying second-hand phones not only can change that, but also reduce the amount of mining around the world.
This will contribute to preserving nature and allowing both plants and animals to continue living where they are. Over the years, excessive mining has produced a monumental change in the environment, forcing species to find another place to live and altering the weather as well.
Investing in refurbished phones will not only allow you to save money but also save the environment as well.

Where To Find Quality Refurbished Second-Hand Phones?

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Buying second-hand phones can contribute to saving the environment, and you can be part of the change today.
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